Because of the way your accommodation’s metering is set up, your energy usage is displayed on a building level. So, instead of being indicative of your individual use, it shows the overall performance of your building.

That’s why we encourage you to approach this as a team – to drive consumption down and points up together.

The actual habit log is a separate element of the app, so has no direct impact on your points.

To ensure points are awarded fairly based on your behaviour alone, your points are subject to fluctuation.

From weather to occupancy, there are a number of factors that influence energy consumption; and this is something we can only correct against at the end of the month.

So, if you’ve been noticing a change in your points at the end of each month, that’s why.

Top tip? To make sure the points you are looking at are accurate, try logging back in at the start of each month – once the corrections have been made.

Neither a positive nor negative impact will be made on your points if your building uses more energy than the advised amount for the month.

The app does this to provide you with a fairer representation of actual usage – not to penalise you for your amazing work.

If the Student Energy Project is operating at your accommodation, you can get involved by download the app and creating an account, then you’ll be able to view how much energy and water you’re saving. The more you save, the more credits you build up!

The project begins as soon as the first student start moving in at your residence, so you can start making a difference as soon as you arrive!

We run TSEP until the end of June, and we typically calculate the savings you made between September and May 30th each year to give us enough time to validate your savings and get back to you before you move out.

We’ll constantly be in touch, either directly from TSEP or via your accommodation managers. However, we have lots of ways of contacting us if you have any further queries including online chat on our Facebook page or over email

Sorry, but no reductions mean no savings.

But we’ll help you work out how you have overused for the month and then provide you with tailored tips to direct you on specific ways to make a difference for the following month.

To ensure our data collection is accurate, at the end of each month we correct it in line with the weather over the last month and the accommodation occupancy. Therefore, sometimes there will be a change in the value, this is normal and is important to have in place to ensure the savings we are reporting on are accurate against the two main drivers of consumption, weather and occupancy.

We’ll have all final amounts realised by the end of July each project year and will let you know how much you’ve achieved via email  through the address you have provided.

Check out our social media platforms! We are very active and have regular updates.


We delete all accounts at the end of the project year. Your information is not retained once the project year ends.

If you want to delete your account before the project year end, please email

Many of our accommodation providers are choosing to support charities through the students’ collective savings. Throughout the year you’ll be working together to build up a pot of money that’ll go to the selected charity.

If you want to donate any individual reward that you have to charity then please jsut let us know.

Points can be claimed at the end of the academic year. That’s why we encourage you to save energy throughout the year, giving you the best chance possible of claiming a great reward.

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