How do I get involved?

The Student Energy Project is operating at your accommodation to help students change their relationship with energy and water. Firstly, to get involved you should create an account so you are able to view how much energy and water you’re saving and where those savings are going.


Once you’ve subscribed to TSEP, you’ll be updated frequently on ways you can reduce your consumption. Based on how well your residence is saving, we will provide specific help and tips on ways you can reduce your consumption.

You can also partake in volunteering activities in your area, build expertise on your CV by undergoing one of the e-learning courses available to you, or take part in our frequent competitions revolved around saving energy and water.

What other ways can I get involved in TSEP?

If you are passionate about sustainability or learning further how to be energy efficient, you can apply to be a TSEP rep at your residence. This role will involve you serving as an ambassador for the project and helping students in your residence understand how to be water and energy efficient. Perks to this voluntary role include rep of the month vouchers and enrolment to a NPower energy training at the end of the project year. If you would be interested in either roles, please contact info@studentenergyproject.com.

When does the project start?

The project begins as soon as the first student intake date at your residence! Which means you can start to make a difference as soon as you arrive.

When does the project end?

The project will run until the end of June in encouraging you to be energy and water efficient. TSEP will calculate the savings between September and May 30th each year to ensure enough time in validating savings and communicating back to you before you leave your accommodation for the summer.

Who do I contact if I have a question?

You will have regular communication from TSEP, whether that be directly from TSEP or via accommodation managers and other staff at the accommodation. However, we have lots of ways of contacting us if you have any further queries including; our chatbot on the website and our Facebook page. You can also email us at info@studentenergyproject.com


I am part of a collective effort at my accommodation, how can I make a difference? Every effort no matter how small will lead to bigger savings. If everyone made one small difference in their consuming behaviour, it would lead to a massive change. Don’t underestimate the power you can have as an individual! We will help you along the way by sharing regular tips on ways to reduce your energy and by showing you how you’re performing against the target set.

How do I know if I am reducing my energy consumption?

You can check out your energy consumption any time to see how you are performing against the target by looking at the energy graph available on your dashboard:https://app.studentenergyproject.com/dashboard

What happens if I use the above advised value?

Oops! No reductions mean no savings. TSEP works to understand how you have overused for the month and will offer tailored tips to direct you on specific ways to make a difference for the following month.

My points/savings have changed from when I last looked on my profile, why?

To ensure our data collection is accurate, at the end of each month we correct it in line with the weather over the last month and the accommodation occupancy. Therefore, sometimes there will be a change in the value, this is normal and is important to have in place to ensure the savings we are reporting on are accurate against the two main drivers of consumption, weather and occupancy.

When can I see the final value of my efforts?

We aim to have all final amounts realised by the end of July each project year. Therefore, you are still contactable on the email address you have provided.


I’ve forgotten my password to login

Don’t panic! You can reset your password by inputting your student email address.

How can I find out further information that isn’t on my profile?

Check out our social media platforms! We are very active and have regular updates.


How can I delete my account?

We delete all accounts at the end of the project year. Your information is not retained once the project year ends.

If you wish to delete your account before the project year end, please email info@studentenergyproject.com

How do I stop messages reaching me?

Each message you receive from TSEP will have an option to opt out. By opting out you will no longer receive information and competitions revolved around ways to save energy and water and will only receive emails from your accommodation staff on a once per fortnight basis.